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Meat is a fundamental material for taking in nutrition. In the past, ancient people caught animals by themselves but nowadays, people just need to go to the supermarket. People can buy all kinds of meat in any supermarket in any country. In the contemporary society, people lost story with animal and people.



Cooking is exciting. Smell of food makes everyone happy. Without this , people cannot survive. People have their own local dish. However, nowadays people can eat and make foreign food easily due to the innovation of the transportation. No matter where I live, I can get the ingredient of my hometown.



After people enjoy eating meat, there are wasted bones. Ancient people used them as weapon, tool and jewellery. Bone weapons are evidence that humans used them to defeat animals. In contrast, people do not care about bones in daily life and just throw them away. 

Gold leaf and fake gold leaf


Gold is the most common material for jewellery. Gold has retained value from ancient time. Due to its rarity, fake gold is made and used. Once it is dipped in salt water, patina colour is appeared.

​Glass beads


Glass beads were used as money among some tribal cultures. When people wear glass bead jewellery, the number and the quality of beads show status and prosperity. However, Glass beads lost their value because of technological development. 



Salt was expensive in the past because it is necessary for the human body. However, due to the innovation of transportation, people can get salt quite a cheap price.



Hair shows beauty and health on one’s head, but when it falls off, it become dirty. There is a drastic change of value and it is no longer valuable.



Fibre from animal is important material to make cloth. It protects human body from the cold. Not only fur, also tusk and leather, those kind of natural materials from animal make conversation about sustainable and reusable materials.



​Money has most strong value in the contemporary society. It can be exchanged with anything so it is valuable for everybody. There is some jewelry made from money.

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